Ice Spice Mom
Ice Spice Mom

Ice Spice’s Mom

Ice Spice’s Mom
  • PublishedMarch 27, 2024

Ice Spice’s Mom Becomes Viral as fans Search for her Online.

Ice Spice gets it from her mama, or so fans believe after the rapper’s mother recently uploaded a video of herself.

Ice Spice may be the rap star in her family, but it was her “baddie” mother who just went viral after posting a video of herself dancing to her daughter’s newest single.

Following her debut single “Munch,” the Bronx-born rapper skyrocketed in popularity and has since continued to produce hits. While fans like her songs, including the “Princess Diana” remix with Nicki Minaj and “Karma” with Taylor Swift, they also adore her appearance.

“Ice Spice mom is so teaaa,” one admirer remarked beside a collection of photos of Spice’s mother.

Many more became digital sleuths, hoping to find her Instagram account.

“Ayoooo what’s Ice Spice’s Moms @ ?!” inquired one. “Can yall stop gatekeeping Ice Spice mom,” another added. “what’s her Instagram.”

Another person claims they discovered it, but they aren’t sharing: “I just found ice spice mom instagram n i’m gatekeeping.”

Ice Spice admits that her mother is a “baddie”.

Little is known about Ice Spice’s family, however, she is said to be the oldest of five children. She said that her mother is Dominican, while her underground rapper father is Black.

“Subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first,” Ice Spice told Paper in April. “He is a music fan himself. He’s a real Hip-Hop fan, beyond my comprehension. He knows everything. He’s constantly teaching me about Hip-Hop and stuff like that.”

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She also said that her father is not a fan of her filthy characteristic posture. “I’m his baby girl,” she stated in a February interview with Ebron Darden for Apple Music. Her supportive mother understands. “Mom’s a baddie, so she knows what it is,” she said.

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