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Fans Go Crazy Over Ice Spice Mom’s New Video

Fans Go Crazy Over Ice Spice Mom’s New Video
  • PublishedMarch 11, 2024

Not only Ice Spice but her whole family is seeing an increase in attention this year. Spice’s success stemmed from a run of hits, but her mother is making waves on the internet for very different reasons. A video of the mother of the “Princess Diana” rapper dancing to one of her daughter’s songs went viral overnight. “Ice Spice mom going vibin to her daughter’s new record DELI,” the video’s title says. They had no idea that the little video would cause her Instagram account to become popular.

Online fans were instantly enamored with Ice Spice’s mom and began looking for a place where they could get more of her stuff. Her Instagram became popular as a result, and many of her followers posted online complaining that they couldn’t locate it. Some said that while they had discovered her account, they were “gatekeeping” it. Spice hasn’t responded to her mother’s recent rise to stardom or discussed her situation much. View the original video below to see how it all began.

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Looking for Ice Spice’s mom’s social media accounts

This year, Ice Spice has had a stratospheric ascent to fame. She was voted Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Year earlier this month. Given Spice’s performance in the Hot 100 this year, it is hardly surprising. The rapper’s astounding list of accomplishments includes four top 10 hits: “Karma” with Taylor Swift, “Boys A Liar pt. 2” with Pinkpantheress, and two Nicki Minaj collaborations, “Princess Diana” and “Barbie World.” This week, “Barbie World” is still among the top 10 songs on the list.

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After releasing her new EP last month, Ice Spice finds herself in hot water. The track “DELI” from the project has a music video of its own. However, Spice includes a young TikTok celebrity twerking on a table in that video. The inclusion of an underage dancer Spice caused controversy among fans. How does the latest video featuring Ice Spice’s mom strike you? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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