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Ice Spice Mom

Boy’s a Liar pt. 3? Ice Spice Collaborates with North West on Tiktok.

Boy’s a Liar pt. 3? Ice Spice Collaborates with North West on Tiktok.
  • PublishedMarch 20, 2024

At the start of this year, no one could stop talking about Nepo babies. And, certainly, nepotism and the structural advantages that the affluent and famous’s kids enjoy are objectively bad. But when the revolution comes, there will be certain nepos that we will be sparing from the guillotine – from Miley Cyrus to Jaime Lee Curtis.

And, amid the new generation of youngsters gifted with trust monies and X-factor DNA, North West will always hold a particular place in our hearts. Born amid the Kardashian-Jenner social media dynasty on the one side and Ye’s convoluted creative history on the other, she has been a tabloid figure since before her birth. And now she’s maturing in front of the many, many cameras.

This has resulted in several encounters with the media, most notably when she held up a handwritten sign stating “STOP” to photographers shooting photos of her and her mother during Paris Fashion Week in July. It’s really distressing to witness someone so young (she’s just 9 years old) being followed by the media, which is why it’s more heartwarming to see her live her life like a regular, if extremely affluent, child.

So, when North realized every tween’s desire this weekend by having a play date with Ice Spice, the current woman of the moment, we were all in. Ice Spice was spotted in two TikToks on North and Kim’s joint account on Saturday, dancing with North in her living room to songs like “Boys a Liar Pt. 2”.

North then shared an adorable pencil drawing of Ice Spice, along with a text slide that said, “Just met Ice Spice, practically screaming. “She is very nice.”

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Whatever happens, safeguard the Northwest at all costs.


We love you, ice spice, 🧊🧊🌶️🌶️

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