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A Guide to Ice Spice’s Easy New Yorker Style.

A Guide to Ice Spice’s Easy New Yorker Style.
  • PublishedMarch 19, 2024

Every fashion week, a new celebrity style idol emerges. This season, Ice Spice was the craze. Last year, Julia Fox and Doja Cat delivered innovative and eye-catching lewks, but this year, the 23-year-old rapper took the cake. The native New Yorker not only sat in the front row at Dion Lee, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger shows, but also performed at LaQuan Smith and Tia Adeola’s afterparties. She booked and busy!

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Ice Spice debuted in the hip hop world last summer with the sudden success of her tune ‘Munch’. The rapper’s unique style rapidly established in the track’s music video. The denim cut-off shorts, bright green tube top, and orange press-on nails became even more memorable when Lil Nas X riffed on them last Halloween, complete with a flame-hued wig. Ice Spice’s year was 2023. In January, she released her first EP Like…?, followed by the year’s biggest collaboration, ‘Boy’s A Liar Part 2’ with PinkPantheress. The song just peaked at number 10 on the global Billboard chart.

But it wasn’t until New York Fashion Week that Ice Spice fully established herself as a style icon worth watching. Working with stylist Marissa Pelly, she created a collection of figure-hugging, all-American ensembles that exuded casual chic. “When I first met her, I just immediately got it-girl energy,” Pelly told Complex. That may be true, but Ice Spice’s style is alluring because of her down-to-earth, approachable vibe. She seldom wears heels since she likes trainers, and even when she wears a lace bodysuit, you get the impression that the rapper doesn’t take herself seriously.

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Ice Spice’s style is undeniable, whether she’s sitting in the first row at Coach in a lovely preppy dress or twerking at the after party in a revealing red bodysuit. Below, we look at some of her most memorable looks and how to replicate them.

Varsity Prep

Ice Spice
Ice Spice by Raymond Hall/GC Images

Ice Spice and Lil Nas X sat next to each other during the Coach show, whispering. What exactly were they talking about? “Sharing secrets,” Ice Spice explained after the show. She channeled the preppy look with a lovely green corduroy short dress with a sporty varsity design. It completed with her distinctive charm pendant, cherry red purse, and platforms. The native New Yorker frequently references all American styles. Here, she embodies the high school cheerleading image. We’re rooting for any side she supports.

Extra spicy

Ice Spice
Ice Spice by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Ice Spice wore a unique transparent red bodysuit with velvet animal print accents to perform at the LaQuan Smith afterparty. She frequently wears comfortable figure-hugging shapes, and each of her fashion week ensembles was customized precisely to her form. LaQuan Smith is a typical New York designer, so it seemed right for him to collaborate with one of the city’s hottest new talents.

Ready for work

Ice Spice
Ice Spice by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Ice Spice donned yassified business wear to Tommy Hilfiger’s private NYFW dinner. The rapper is fond of tube tops, which she wears beneath an oversized pinstripe jacket in yellow. A high side split skirt heightens the sex appeal, displaying lace-trimmed stockings below. She finishes her ensemble with a yellow Tommy Hilfiger backpack and long black stick-on nails. Chic!

Lush lace

Ice Spice
Ice Spice by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

To seat in the first row at Dion Lee, right next to Julia Fox! Ice Spice donned a black lace bodysuit. Her signature wavy red hair is turned into a beautiful, bouncy bob. A fresh baby blue manicure and a silver chain finish the ensemble. We’re curious about what style suggestions Spice and Fox shared throughout the presentation.

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Feeling blue

ice spice
Ice Spice by Steven Simione/FilmMagic

Ice Spice donned a see-through blue dress at Spotify’s Best New Artist party earlier this year, demonstrating the need of wearing black underwear underneath translucent textiles. She styled it with over-the-knee leather flats and a Balenciaga Cagole bag. If Spotify has any sense, Ice Spice will undoubtedly be nominated for next year’s Best New Artist, and we can’t wait to see what she wears when she wins.

Caught up

ice spice
Ice Spice by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

What would a native New Yorker do without her trusted Telfar? At the BET Hip Hop Awards, Ice Spice wears a little silver Bushwick Birkin with a faded white netted outfit and white leather boots. The rapper was invited to the Grammys after just releasing one song, which is rather memorable.

Miu Miu Girl

ice spice
Ice Spice by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

School uniforms have never looked better! For Universal’s 2023 Artist Showcase, Ice Spice experimented with the preppy, scholarly vibe that would define many of her New York Fashion Week outfits. Wearing a Miu Miu crop top, black jacket, pleated grey skirt, with a Prada handbag. We didn’t think we’d ever want to wear a school uniform again, but this outfit is making us reconsider.


Ice Spice may like a high-fashion style, but her most memorable dress is far more low-maintenance. When a style is transformed into a Halloween costume, you know it’s a fashion grail. That’s exactly what happened to Lil Nas X’s green tube top and denim hot pants outfit from the music video for ‘Munch’ when he wore it as his Halloween costume last year. We have no option but to Stan.

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