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John Kumah passed away from multiple myeloma. — Wife

John Kumah passed away from multiple myeloma. — Wife
  • PublishedMarch 12, 2024

The widow of the late Lawyer John Kumah, Member of Parliament for the Ejisu Constituency in the Ashanti Region and Deputy Minister for Finance for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has denied the food poisoning allegations that claimed his life.

As per Apostle Lilian Kumah, during an August 2023 medical examination in Germany, her late spouse received a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a blood-related ailment. She accompanied him to the examination.

Her responses transpire after the complaint she lodged at the Accra Central Police Station against Blessed Godsbrain Smart, colloquially referred to as Captain Smart, who openly claimed that her deceased husband John Kumah was poisoned but has yet to furnish any substantiating evidence for this ludicrous assertion.

In an interview with Asaase Radio, the widow clarified that contrary to what some segments of conventional media and social media have speculated, her late spouse did not pass away from food poisoning; rather, he spent approximately a year battling a serious illness.

She elaborated that her late spouse had been afflicted with a terminal illness for almost a year, ever since its diagnosis by his physicians in Germany; he passed away on Thursday, March 7, 2024, from this cause, and not from food poisoning.

Mrs. Kumah further stated that throughout her husband’s medical examinations in Germany and Ghana, none of the attending physicians ever brought up the subject of toxicity in his blood vessels.

Apostle Lilian Kumah, the General Overseer of Disciples of Christ Ministries, remarked, “My spouse endured physical suffering without exhibiting any indication of distress.” He endured tremendous suffering to accomplish all that was necessary during his period of poor health.

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“Since the moment he was diagnosed in Germany, I have been an active participant in the medical procedures that my husband underwent. Not a single doctor ever informed me that his condition was the result of poisoning.”

“I have every medical report from both Ghana and Germany, and food poisoning was never mentioned in a single report,” added the widow of the late John Kumah.

She further states, “He was driven by a specific motto that guided his actions at all times: ‘We do what is commanded to do; we do not do what is convenient.'” Thus, he persevered notwithstanding the anguish, as Mrs. Kumah noted.

Captain Smart Controversies

She exclaims, “Why is it that someone (Captain Smart) dares to assert that he knows with absolute certainty that John Kumah, who has devoted nearly his entire life to serving his country and party (New Patriotic Party), was poisoned? Why should we remain silent and fail to hold that individual accountable?”

As per her statement, “Should it be true that an individual who is alive and not deceased asserts knowledge of how my husband (John Kumah) perished and that he was poisoned, and that individual has continued to circulate for the past three weeks, it would be extremely distressing and disheartening, and I am at a loss for the most effective way to convey my ire at Captain Smart’s false accusations.”

Mrs. Kumah continued, “If this nation has legislation regarding such erroneous assertions, I believe now is the time for the leadership to hold that evildoer (Captain Smart) accountable for substantiating his false claims and identifying those responsible for the poisoning of my late husband.”

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Dr. John Kumah, who was accompanied by his wife and medical doctor, passed away at the Suhum government hospital at approximately 12:40 p.m. This occurred after an ambulance en route from Ejisu to Accra deviated to the Suhum medical facility after the doctor observed that Mr. Kumah’s condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Upon his arrival at the hospital shortly after 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 7th, 2024, the medical staff promptly initiated efforts to stabilize him in preparation for their subsequent voyage to Accra, where he had been undergoing treatment for his health condition.

Despite this, the Suhum government facility was unable to preserve his life.

Before assuming the position of Deputy Minister for Finance, the late Dr. John Kumah was an entrepreneur and lawyer in private practice with over 15 years of experience in leadership, creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness in promoting youth development and job creation.

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