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Ice Spice Accepts the Hitmaker Award

  • PublishedApril 2, 2024

Billboard Women In Music 2024

Ice Spice took the stage at the Billboard Women In Music 2024 event to accept the prestigious Hitmaker Award, and her acceptance speech was nothing short of memorable.

“Period, New York. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much Billboard. I’m so honored,” she began, setting the tone for a speech that would blend gratitude with her signature wit.

With a playful nod to her outfit, Ice Spice joked, “My corset is really tight so I can barely breathe.” Despite the discomfort, her enthusiasm and gratitude shone through as she thanked her mother, God, and her sisters, including a special shoutout to her sister Michelle.

Acknowledging her team of women, Ice Spice expressed her appreciation, even amidst a momentary lapse in memory. “Shout out to all the women in the Bronx. Shout out to all the women in New York. Shout out to all the women in this building right now,” she exclaimed, highlighting the importance of female empowerment and unity.

In typical Ice Spice fashion, she ended her speech with a touch of humor, apologizing for not having more to say but commending the other speakers for their eloquence. “Sorry, I don’t have much to say but everybody did really well with their speeches. Thank you, later!” she quipped, leaving the audience with a smile.

Ice Spice’s acceptance speech was a true reflection of her artistry – a perfect blend of authenticity, humor, and gratitude.

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